BOCCE: the Bologna Open Clusters Chemical Evolution Project


The Bologna Open Clusters Chemical Evolution project (BOCCE)

Main participants

in Bologna : Angela Bragaglia, Monica Tosi, Eugenio Carretta, Paolo Donati

in Italy : Gloria Andreuzzi (TNG & Roma), Raffaele Gratton (Padova)

around the world : Andrea V. Ahumada (Cordoba, Argentina), Giacomo Beccari (ESO, Chile), Michele Cignoni (STScI, USA), Gianni Marconi (ESO, Chile)

The BOCCE project is aimed at obtaining in the most homogeneous way the properties (age, distance, reddening, metallicity and detailed elemental abundances) of a sample of (mostly old) Galactic Open Clusters. A detailed description of our program and the results of the first part of the photometric survey can be found in Bragaglia & Tosi (2006) and in many refereed papers.

  • Here a list of the main properties of the surveyed clusters
  • Here the associated references and links to the photometric catalogs

The clusters observations cover

(1) photometry : multiband optical CCD photometry (usually BVI)

(2) high-res spectroscopy :  to measure metallicity and detailed chemical composition

In a few cases, also low-resolution multi-object spectroscopy  has been acquired, to derive radial velocity and membership.

Age, distance, reddening and a first indication of metallicity are obtained using the synthetic colour-magnitude diagram technique (as developed in Tosi et al. 1991).