MOCA – Meeting Oas CtA


MOCA (Meeting Oas CtA)  is a bi-monthly event that aims to bring together researchers and students from the Bologna area (OAS/IRA/DIFA/CTA HQ) involved in the very-high-energy astrophysics research field.
During the meetings, people can informally present their work and discuss current and future developments (with a particular focus on the CTA).

Meetings are held on Wednesdays in Room 409 on the second floor of the OAS Institute via Gobetti 101, Area della Ricerca CNR.


January 24, 2024:
Paolo Da Vela (OAS) presented a talk on:  “Prospects for detection of the pair-echo emission from TeV gamma-ray bursts.”

September 20, 2023:
Gabriele Panebianco (OAS/DIFA) presented the research activity carried out during the period aborad in La Palma e Granada:  “A four-month journey in cosmic extreme environments: magnetars and science collaborations.”


July 5, 2023:
Paolo Da Vela (OAS) presented his current research activity and future perspectives for studying the intergalactic magnetic field (IGMF).
Ettore Bronzini (OAS/DIFA) reported on the updates of his work on the radio galaxy 3C 264.

June 7, 2023:
Stefano Marchesi (DIFA) gave an update on his ongoing work within the MAGIC collaboration.
Massimo Cappi (OAS) briefly reported on the AVENGE meeting.

May 24, 2023:
Giovanni De Cesare (OAS) presented a talk on “CTA Data Challenging 1: Galactic Center data analysis with gammapy”.

May 10, 2023:
Vieri Bartolini (MPIFR Bonn) presented his ongoing project on the radio galaxy 3C 111, focusing on the radio and gamma-ray emission during a GeV flare.

March 29, 2023:
Ettore Bronzini (OAS/DIFA)  reported on the updates of his work on the radio galaxy 3C 264.
Brief update from each participant on current research activities.

March 15, 2023:
Cristina Nanci (DIFA/IRA) presented an update on her work on the blazar 1ES1959+650.
Massimo Cappi (OAS) reported on “Very High Energy Infrastructures at INAF – challenges and opportunities”.

March 1, 2023:
Paramvir Singh (Goethe University Frankfurt) presented his PhD project discussing on MHD simulations applied to balzars’ jets and modeling of short GRBs and Kilonovae.

February 15, 2023:
Leonardo Baroncelli (OAS/UniBO) presented his PhD project on the “Real-Time Anomaly Detection of Gamma-Ray Bursts for the Cherenkov Telescope Array using Deep Learning”.

February 1, 2023:
MOCA started.