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Warning: following the coronavirus emergency, all the talks will be given remotely online. The link to connect to the seminar will be available in due time. A playlist of the remote talks already online is available on our YouTube channel »

Astrophysics Talk

Radio shocks and magnetic fields in galaxy clusters

Matthias Hoeft (Tautenburg Observatory)

Tuesday 17/09/2019 @ 14:00, Sala IV piano Battiferro

In many galaxy clusters spectacular radio features have been found which often coincide with a shock front identified in the X-ray surface brightness distribution. We will summarise some recent observations of such radio shocks in particular at very low frequencies. Since about two decades a standard model has been established which attributes the radio shocks to particle acceleration at the shock front and subsequent synchrotron radiation. Radio shocks are therefore excellent probes for the magnetogenesis in the intra-cluster medium. We will summarise the standard model including recent challenges and discuss implications for the magnetic field in clusters.