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Astrophysics Talk

Future constraints on modified gravity from RSD

Jan-Albert Viljoen (University of Western Cape)

Tuesday 01/10/2019 @ 14:00, Sala IV piano Battiferro

Different gravitational theories can be compared by looking at the growth rate of large-scale structure formation, as measured via redshift space distortions. Next-generation spectroscopic galaxy surveys over huge volumes of the Universe (such as Euclid, SKA and DESI), are expected to deliver high-precision measurements of the growth index. We forecast these constraints, using the galaxy angular power spectrum. This allows us to fully exploit the spectroscopic accuracy by using very thin redshift bins. We further study binning strategies to maximize the constraining power of the surveys. In addition, the angular power spectrum naturally includes wide-angle and cross-bin correlations, and does not require Alcock-aczynski corrections. We also discuss possible improvements from combining overlapping surveys via the multi-tracer method.