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Warning: following the coronavirus emergency, all the talks will be given remotely online. The link to connect to the seminar will be available in due time. A playlist of the remote talks already online is available on our YouTube channel »

Remote talk

Imaging the ejecta in V407 Cyg after the 2010 nova episode

Marcello Giroletti (INAF-IRA)

Tuesday 31/03/2020 @ 14:00, Google Hangouts Meet

The detection of nova V407 Cyg in gamma rays by the Fermi satellite in 2010 was a surprise. Radio follow up was triggered on several facilities: VLA observations revealed thermal emission from the ionized symbiotic envelope but could not provide information about the characteristics of the white dwarf. VLBI observations at epochs between 20 and 200 days after the nova succeeded in detecting emission from compact features, which we identify with the advancing ejecta.

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