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Warning: following the coronavirus emergency, all the talks will be given remotely online. The link to connect to the seminar will be available in due time. A playlist of the remote talks already online is available on our YouTube channel »

Joint Astrophysical Colloquium

Astroparticle Physics with Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on-board of the International Space Station.

Alberto Oliva (INFN Bologna)

Thursday 14/05/2020 @ 11:30, Google Hangouts Meet

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) is a high-energy particle physics experiment operating on-board of the International Space Station (ISS) since May 2011. AMS has acquired the largest number of particles ever measured in space by a single experiment, performing the most precise measurement of cosmic rays (CRs) to-date. AMS precisely separates the CR matter (electrons, protons, and nuclei), which reveals details about the CRs production and propagation in the Galaxy, from the rare anti-matter components (positrons, anti-protons, and anti-nuclei), that allow the investigation of the matter/anti-matter asymmetry in the universe, and the indirect search of dark matter products. Between November 2019 and January 2020, in a series of 4 very complicated Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs), Luca Parmitano (ESA) and Andrew Morgan (NASA) extended the lifetime of AMS up to the entire duration of the ISS mission, up to at least 2028. In this colloquium the achieved physics results in the first 7 years, the status of AMS after the EVAs, and the expected performance of the experiment in the future will be discussed.

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