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Remote talk

Diffuse Radio Sources in a Statistically Complete Sample of High-Redshift Galaxy Clusters

Gabriele Giovannini (INAF-IRA)

Tuesday 14/07/2020 @ 14:00, Google Hangouts Meet

Non-thermal properties of galaxy clusters have been studied with detailed and deep radio images in comparison with X-ray data. While much progress has been made, most of the studied clusters are at a relatively low redshift (z 0.5) presented by Ebeling et al., 2007. Most clusters show evidence of emission in the radio band. Brightest Cluster Galaxies in relaxed clusters show radio emission with radio powers typical of FR II radio galaxies. A radio halo is present in 19 clusters and five clusters contain a relic source. The properties of radio halos and the low number of relic sources suggest a redshift evolution in the properties of diffuse radio sources.

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