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Welcome to the Astrophysics and Space Science Observatory of Bologna (OAS): the latest branch of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), but the first in your hearts

Here at OAS we are engaged in research over several fields of modern astrophysics and cosmology, both theoretical and observational. In parallel, we pursue a vigorous program of research and development for astronomical instrumentation.

OAS staff researchers make extensive use of large telescopes, both ground based and in space, to study quasars, galaxies, black holes, the evolution of the Universe and the evolution and the constitutions of stellar populations. We also perform space debris search and monitoring tasks with the 152 cm Loiano telescope.

Instrumentation development for both large, ground based, telescopes and space missions is an extremely important area of activity carried out within national and international collaborations with the support of national (ASI) and international (ESA, NASA) space agencies, and the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

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