Loiano Planetarium


The planetarium is a projection room that reproduces the sky.

The planetarium combines two key ingredients: a digital projection system, designed to reproduce the sky and celestial motions, and a semispherical screen.

Loiano Planetarium has a digital projection system and can accommodate 30 people, inside a 6 metre-diameter dome, with the high definition Digitarium Delta 3 projector located in its centre. Using the software Stellarium Next Generation, we can visualize about 600.000 stars, along with the main celestial bodies that populate the sky. It was inaugurated on July 16th 2015 thanks to funding from Regione Emilia Romagna and Comune di Loiano and it was built in collaboration with Unione dei Comuni Savena Idice.


Inside the Planetarium eclipses can be simulated, and it is possible to observe the starry sky at any time or from any place on Earth, to simulate light pollution, or to observe the sky from outside of the terrestrial atmosphere.

Thanks to digital technology, together with observations from the largest telescopes on Earth and in space, it is possible to virtually fly over stellar clusters, nebulae and far galaxies, take a virtual walk around the cosmos, and travel through time.

Planetarium shows can be of two types. The projection can be a view of the sky, conducted live by astronomers or experts who, interacting with spectators, introduce them to the marvellous world of Astronomy; or it can be a screened movie with astronomical content, which can recreate highly realistic images and scenes.

The Planetarium is located in via Nazionale 11, Loiano.


Visiting times

For information send an email to visite.loiano@inaf.it

Tours are available only by reservation.

Please refer to the dedicated page for the scheduled days.