Young Researcher grant on JWST

A selection is called, based on qualifications and possible interview, for n. 1 grant “Young Researcher” for the duration of 2 years for carrying out research activities on: “High redshift galaxies, star-forming clumps and star clusters in lensed and blank fields observed with JWST”. The project will consist of studying the properties of high redshift galaxies observed with ground- and space-based (HST/JWST) facilities targeting lensed and blank fields. The grant holder is expected to investigate resolved and unresolved star-forming regions hosted in lensed systems, including progenitors of globular clusters living in the pre, post and during the reionization epoch. The candidate will also compare such sources with analogs in the local Universe and will derive physical properties from diagnostics (based on spectroscopy and/or photometry) defined in the ultraviolet or optical rest-frame wavelengths.