Postdoctoral fellowship on reduction and analysis of JWST NIRSpec data

A selection is called, based on qualifications and possible interview, for n. 1 Postdoctoral grant for the duration of 24 months for carrying out research activities on: “Reduction and analysis of JWST NIRSpec data for the study of galaxies and quasars at high redshift and in the epoch of reionization”. The grant holder is expected to support the Italian community in the reduction and analysis of JWST NIRSpec IFU data and in the preparation of future proposals, either using the official JWST pipeline and analysis tools as well  developing dedicated software developed for the specific needs of the projects. The candidate will be involved in studies of high-redshift galaxies, quasars and the epoch of reionization via rest-frame optical diagnostics targeted with JWST, in collaboration with Roberto Decarli, Eros Vanzella (INAF-OAS) and Stefano Carniani (SNS).