Starfinder. A code for stellar field analysis


Starfinder is an IDL code for the deep analysis of stellar fields, designed for Adaptive Optics well-sampled images, characterized by a complex and highly structured Point Spread Function.

The Point Spread Function is extracted directly from the frame, to take into account the actual structure of the instrumental response and the atmospheric effects.

The code is written in IDL language and organized in the form of a self-contained widget-based application, provided with a series of tools for data visualization and analysis.


How to obtain the code

Starfinder is a public domain IDL code. Starfinder can be obtained here

The Starfinder user manual can be downloaded here. This document is not up-to-date. Please refer to the help pages in the Starfinder GUI for more information.


Please send comments, suggestions, and bug reports to Laura Schreiber


Diolaiti et Al [2000], Schreiber et Al [2020]