Position: Technologist

Contact info

  • Room: C-506
  • Phone: +39 051 639 8674
  • Email: andrea.rossi@inaf.it

Personal info


I am interested in the follow-up of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and gravitational wave events (GW). I am a member of CIBO, STARGATE, GRAWITA and ENGRAVE collaborations, and I am night-astronomer for the LBT during Italian observing runs.

Latest papers on ADS
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  1. Dissecting the interstellar medium of a z = 6.3 galaxy. X-shooter spectroscopy and HST imaging of the afterglow and environment of the Swift GRB 210905A, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2023
  2. GRB 160410A: The first chemical study of the interstellar medium of a short GRB, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2023
  3. The first JWST spectrum of a GRB afterglow: No bright supernova in observations of the brightest GRB of all time, GRB 221009A, arXiv e-prints, 2023
  4. GRANDMA and HXMT Observations of GRB 221009A -- the Standard-Luminosity Afterglow of a Hyper-Luminous Gamma-Ray Burst, arXiv e-prints, 2023
  5. Kilonova emission observed so far: A comparison with AT2017gfo, The Sixteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, 2023
  6. The brightest GRB ever detected: GRB 221009A as a highly luminous event at z = 0.151, arXiv e-prints, 2023
  7. A kilonova following a long-duration gamma-ray burst at 350 Mpc, Nature, 2022
  8. GRB 221202A: VLT/FORS2 Afterglow Discovery, GRB Coordinates Network, 2022
  9. A Short Gamma-Ray Burst from a Protomagnetar Remnant, The Astrophysical Journal, 2022
  10. GRB 221009A: Hubble Space Telescope observations, GRB Coordinates Network, 2022
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