Position: Researcher

Contact info

  • Room: C-513
  • Phone: +39 051 639 8731
  • Email: raffaella.landi@inaf.it

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Latest papers on ADS
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  1. Possible physical explanation of the intrinsic Ep,i-"intensity" correlation commonly used to "standardize" GRBs, Fourteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting - MG14, 2018
  2. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Update of INTEGRAL/IBIS AGN catalogue (Malizia+, 2016), VizieR Online Data Catalog, 2017
  3. Investigating the X-ray counterparts to unidentified sources in the 1000-orbit INTEGRAL/IBIS catalogue, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2017
  4. The nature of fifty Palermo Swift-BAT hard X-ray objects through optical spectroscopy, Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica Conference Series, 2017
  5. Swift-XRT follow-up of IGR J00486-4241 and IGR J21485+4306, The Astronomer's Telegram, 2017
  6. Swift-XRT follow-up of IGR J04539+4502 and IGR J21171+3930, The Astronomer's Telegram, 2017
  7. The nature of 50 Palermo Swift-BAT hard X-ray objects through optical spectroscopy, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2017
  8. Swift-XRT follow-up of IGR J01157+6941 and IGR J21095+4322, The Astronomer's Telegram, 2017
  9. Swift-XRT follow-up of IGR J05511-1218, IGR J07072-1227 and IGR J17259+2603, The Astronomer's Telegram, 2017
  10. Optical spectroscopic follow-up of INTEGRAL sources, The Astronomer's Telegram, 2017
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