Visit prof. Antony Bird


Visitor: prof. Antony Bird

Nationality: United Kingdom

Dates: September 2-6, 2019

Professor Tony Bird is the PI of the INTEGRAL/IBIS survey and in collaboration with INAF- OAS Bologna researchers, as well as with colleagues of INAF-IAPS Roma, has performed the multiple high energy surveys from the beginning of the INTEGRAL mission to date. Now the IBIS-Survey team is going to publish the scientific results of the INTEGRAL 1500 orbits, in terms of image maps in different energy bands, spectra and light curves. This last survey has been performed on the huge amounts of data acquired by IBIS since launch in 2002. To facilitate the analysis, new software and new tools such as the “€˜machine learning”€™ technique, which is one of the most explored approaches used to analyze large data sets and is now being applied to astronomical data. The week proposed for the visit of prof. Bird will serve to finalize procedures, results and presentation to the community of this latest survey.

Full CV is available here.