Visit prof. Luciano Rezzolla


Visitor: prof. Luciano Rezzolla

Nationality: Italian

Dates: October 7-10, 2019

Luciano Rezzolla Chair of Theoretical (Relativistic) Astrophysics and the Director at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Goethe University of Frankfurt, and BlackHoleCam Principal Investigator is a relativistic astrophysicist. He uses Einstein’s theory of general relativity to describe and explain high-energy astronomical observations of black holes and neutron stars. To do this he combines analytical perturbative tools with numerical nonlinear simulations in which he solves the Einstein equations together with those of relativistic hydrodynamics or magnetohydrodynamics, and compare theoretical results and predictions with astronomical observations. The main topics of his research activity are neutron-star physics, black-hole physics, BlackHoleCam, relativistic HD/MHD, accretion physics, and radiation hydrodynamics. Last 10th April, he presented the first ever observation of a black hole during the press conference held in Bruxelles. In his visit he offers both technical seminars and lectures for the general public.

Full CV is available here.