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  • Stanza: B-4W1
  • Telefono: +39 051 6357 372
  • Email: giovanna.stirpe@inaf.it

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Paper più recenti su ADS
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  1. Quasars: From the Physics of Line Formation to Cosmology, Atoms, 2019
  2. Narrow-line Seyfert 1s: what is wrong in a name?, Revisiting narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies and their place in the Universe. 9-13 April 2018. Padova Botanical Garden, 2018
  3. A main sequence for quasars, Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, 2018
  4. What does CIVλ1549 tell us about the physical driver of the Eigenvector quasar sequence?, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2017
  5. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Spectra of 28 intermediate redshift quasars (Sulentic+, 2017), VizieR Online Data Catalog, 2017
  6. Quasar massive ionized outflows traced by CIV λ1549 and [OIII]λλ4959,5007, Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, 2017
  7. Highly accreting quasars: a tool for cosmology?, New Frontiers in Black Hole Astrophysics, 2017
  8. A Main Sequence For Quasars, Active Galactic Nuclei 12: A Multi-Messenger Perspective (AGN12), 2016
  9. The most powerful quasar outflows as revealed by the Civ λ1549 resonance line, Astrophysics and Space Science, 2016
  10. Blue outliers among intermediate redshift quasars, Astrophysics and Space Science, 2016
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