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  1. Cosmologia con la CMB [13/12/2019]

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  1. Planck 2018 constraints on anisotropic birefringence and its cross-correlation with CMB anisotropy, arXiv e-prints, 2020
  2. The large scale polarization explorer (LSPE) for CMB measurements: performance forecast, arXiv e-prints, 2020
  3. Planck intermediate results. LVII. Joint Planck LFI and HFI data processing, arXiv e-prints, 2020
  4. Through a dark crystal: CMB polarization as a tool to constrain the optical properties of the Universe, arXiv e-prints, 2020
  5. A novel CMB polarization likelihood package for large angular scales built from combined WMAP and Planck LFI legacy maps, arXiv e-prints, 2020
  6. Planck intermediate results. LVI. Detection of the CMB dipole through modulation of the thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect: Eppur si muove II, arXiv e-prints, 2020
  7. Likelihood methods for CMB experiments, Frontiers in Physics, 2020
  8. Updated Design of the CMB Polarization Experiment Satellite LiteBIRD, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 2020
  9. Polarisation as a tracer of CMB anomalies: PLANCK results and future forecasts, Physics of the Dark Universe, 2019
  10. Is the lack of power anomaly in the CMB correlated with the orientation of the Galactic plane?, Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 2019
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