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  1. The ALPINE-ALMA [CII] survey: The infrared-radio correlation and AGN fraction of star-forming galaxies at z $\sim$ 4.4-5.9, arXiv e-prints, 2022
  2. The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey: The reversal of the star-formation rate − density relation at 2 < z < 5, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2022
  3. Metal content of the circumgalactic medium around star-forming galaxies at z $\sim$ 2.6 as revealed by the VIMOS Ultra-Deep Survey, arXiv e-prints, 2022
  4. Predicted future fate of COSMOS galaxy protoclusters over 11 Gyr with constrained simulations, Nature Astronomy, 2022
  5. Euclid preparation: XXIII. Derivation of galaxy physical properties with deep machine learning using mock fluxes and H-band images, arXiv e-prints, 2022
  6. Evaluating Lya Emission as a Tracer of the Largest Cosmic Structure at z~2.47, arXiv e-prints, 2022
  7. A combined VANDELS and LEGA-C study: the evolution of quiescent galaxy size, stellar mass, and age from z = 0.6 to z = 1.3, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2022
  8. Shaping physical properties of galaxy subtypes in the VIPERS survey: environment matters, arXiv e-prints, 2022
  9. Euclid preparation: XXI. Intermediate-redshift contaminants in the search for $z>6$ galaxies within the Euclid Deep Survey, arXiv e-prints, 2022
  10. VizieR Online Data Catalog: VANDELS ESO public spectroscopic survey. DR4 (Garilli+, 2021), VizieR Online Data Catalog, 2022
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  1. Evoluzione delle galassie con surveys extragalattiche [16/12/2019]