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Joint Astrophysical Colloquium

Modelling optical and UV spectral features of different ionizing sources: current challenges in understanding the high-z Universe

Anna Feltre (CRAL, Observatoire de Lyon)

Thursday 12/04/2018 @ 11:30, Sala IV piano Battiferro

Recent progress in optical and near-infrared spectroscopy has enabled detailed analysis of the rest-frame UV and optical spectral features in both low and high redshift sources. The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will push these previous studies up to the reionization epoch. Over the last years, significant effort has focussed on developing theoretical models tailored to the interpretation of high-redshift galaxy spectra. I will review the current status of modelling the emission from different ionizing sources, such as hot stars, AGN and radiative shocks. I will show how model predictions, combined with spectral analysis tools and cosmological simulations, can help us gain new insight into the nature of the ionizing sources and the physical processes driving star formation and chemical evolution in galaxies. During the talk, I will highlight successes and limitations of spectral models, as learned from lessons on lower-redshift analogs of primeval galaxies, along with perspective for future improvements.