Eventi passati


Seminars held in 2022

  1. 11/01/2022, Francois Rincon (CNRS, Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie, University of Toulouse), "Chasing asymptotic nonlinear dynamos" (Astrophysics Talk)
  2. 18/01/2022, Guillermo Franco Abellan (Laboratoire Univers et Particules de Montpellier), "The H0 Olympics: a fair ranking of proposed models." (Astrophysics Talk)
  3. 27/01/2022, Giulia Despali (Uni Heidelberg), "Constraining dark matter with strong gravitational lensing" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  4. 01/02/2022, Sebastiano Cantalupo (Università Milano Bicocca), "Resolving the Physics of the Circumgalactic and Intergalactic Media with the help of Fluorescent Emission" (Astrophysics Talk)
  5. 03/02/2022, Tristan Cantat-Gaudin (MPIA Heidelberg), "Star clusters, the Milky Way, and the Gaia revolution" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  6. 08/02/2022, Niko Sarcevic (Newcastle University, UK), "Joint Modeling of Astrophysical Systematics for Cosmology with LSST" (Astrophysics Talk)
  7. 10/02/2022, Andrea Tramacere (University of Geneve), "Radio-gamma ray response in blazars as signature of adiabatic blob expansion: a self-consistent approach" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  8. 15/02/2022, Rahul Kannan (Harvard & Smithsonian), "First results from the THESAN project: predictions for multi-tracer line intensity mapping in the epoch of reionization" (Astrophysics Talk)
  9. 22/02/2022, Elena Amato (INAF-Arcetri), "Pulsar Wind Nebulae: a class of extraordinary accelerators" (Astrophysics Talk)
  10. 01/03/2022, Angela Bragaglia (INAF - OAS), "The Community Survey "Stellar Cluster in 4MOST"" (Astrophysics Talk)
  11. 08/03/2022, Hui Li (Columbia University), "Formation and evolution of star clusters across cosmic time" (Astrophysics Talk)
  12. 10/03/2022, Carolina Casadio (Institute of Astrophysics - FORTH, Crete), "Search for MIlli-LEnses (SMILE) to discriminate between dark matter models" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  13. 15/03/2022, Lorenzo Spina (INAF-OAPD), "Do Sun-like stars swallow their own planets?" (Astrophysics Talk)
  14. 22/03/2022, Rob Grand (IAC - Tenerife), "Clues to the formation of Galactic structure from cosmological hydrodynamical simulations" (Astrophysics Talk)
  15. 29/03/2022, Dominque Eckert (University of Geneva), "Constraining the nature of dark matter and modified gravity in galaxy clusters" (Astrophysics Talk)
  16. 31/03/2022, Thales Gutcke (Princeton University), "LYRA: Dwarf galaxies on small scales in a cosmological context" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  17. 05/04/2022, Lu LI (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory), "Modeling open clusters in the CMD: binaries, mass function, and dynamical evolution" (Astrophysics Talk)
  18. 07/04/2022, Livia Vallini (Scuola Normale Superiore - Pisa), "The ISM across cosmic times and how to disentangle its complexity" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  19. 12/04/2022, Jessica Sutter (SOFIA Science Center - California, USA), "Environmental Factors in Measurements of the [CII] Deficit" (Astrophysics Talk)
  20. 14/04/2022, Yacine Ali-Haïmoud (New York University), "Hunting for dark matter in the early Universe" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  21. 21/04/2022, Giuseppina Battaglia (IAC), "A Gaia-aided view of the properties of Local Group dwarf galaxies" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  22. 26/04/2022, Stefano Bondani (University of Insubria), "Gravitational waves from primordial black holes orbiting SgrA*" (Astrophysics Talk)
  23. 03/05/2022, Paola Dominguez Fernandez (Unibo-DIFA), "Evolution of primordial magnetic fields during large-scale structure formation" (Astrophysics Talk)
  24. 05/05/2022, Franz Kirsten (ASTRON), "PRECISEly localising and timing FRBs -- hunting cosmic flashes with VLBI" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  25. 10/05/2022, Alessandro Casalino (Unibo), "Numerical methods for Modified Gravity" (Astrophysics Talk)
  26. 12/05/2022, Laura Pentericci (INAF-OAR), "The VANDELS ESO public spectroscopic survey: highlights and future prospects" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  27. 17/05/2022, Lev Titarchuk (Astro Space Center, Lebedev Physical Institute), "Comptonization Problem and Its solution in Application to the Spectra of the Neutron Star and Black Hole Source" (Astrophysics Talk)
  28. 19/05/2022, Annie Hughes (Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie, Tolouse), "Structure and Organization of the Cold ISM in Nearby Galaxies" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  29. 24/05/2022, Pierluigi Rinaldi (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute), "The starburst/main-sequence bimodality at z>3" (Astrophysics Talk)
  30. 26/05/2022, Paolo Soffitta (IAPS - INAF, Rome), "IXPE The Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  31. 31/05/2022, Giovanni Gandolfi (SISSA), "Theoretical models of dark matter" (Astrophysics Talk)
  32. 07/06/2022, Mattia Sormani (Heidelberg University), "Dynamical modeling of the Milky Way’s Nuclear Stellar Disc" (Astrophysics Talk)
  33. 08/06/2022, Sherry Suyu (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics / Technical University of Munich (TUM)), "Cosmology and Stellar Physics with Strong Lensing" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  34. 14/06/2022, Aishwarya Thakur (IAPS Roma), "A search for optical and near-infrared counterparts of the compact binary merger GW190814" (Astrophysics Talk)
  35. 21/06/2022, Danny Horta (The University of Queensland (Australia)), "Unveiling the mass assembly history of the Milky Way via its stellar halo" (Astrophysics Talk)
  36. 05/07/2022, Matilde Mingozzi (Space Telescope Science Institute), "UV Diagnostics in Local High-z Analogs with the CLASSY Survey" (Astrophysics Talk)
  37. 07/07/2022, Andrew Humphrey (Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (Porto)), "Testing Machine Learning Methods for Classification and Physical Property Estimation" (Special Talk)
  38. 20/09/2022, Seiji Fujimoto (Cosmic Dawn Center, Niels Bohr Institute), "ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: Deep 1.2 mm Number Counts and Infrared Luminosity Functions at z~1-8" (Astrophysics Talk)
  39. 27/09/2022, Emanuele Paolo Farina (Gemini observatory), "Are the first quasars special?" (Astrophysics Talk)
  40. 11/10/2022, Raul Jimenez (ICC, University of Barcelona), "Do we Understand the Universe?" (Astrophysics Talk)
  41. 13/10/2022, Andrea Macciò (New York University Abu Dhabi), "The many lives of Cold Dark Matter" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  42. 18/10/2022, Luca Ciotti (Unibo), "On the rotation curve of disk galaxies in General Relativity" (Astrophysics Talk)
  43. 19/10/2022, Ezequiel Treister (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), "The Connection Between Black Hole Growth and Major Galaxy Mergers" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  44. 25/10/2022, Federico Marulli (Unibo), "Cluster Clustering Cosmology: new constraints on the cosmic growth rate from redshift-space clustering anisotropies" (Astrophysics Talk)
  45. 08/11/2022, Maksym Tsizh (University of Bologna & Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Ukraine), "Persistent homology of Cosmic Web" (Astrophysics Talk)
  46. 10/11/2022, Tiago Costa (MPIA), "No smoking gun: AGN feedback in galaxy evolution" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  47. 15/11/2022, Giada Casali (DIFA - Unibo), "Galactic archaeology using chemical clocks" (Astrophysics Talk)
  48. 17/11/2022, David Valls-Gabaud (CNRS - Observatoire de Paris), "The Messier surveyor: lifting the veil on the ultra-low-surface-brightness Universe" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  49. 22/11/2022, Giovanni Gandolfi (SISSA, Trieste), "Astroparticle constraints from primordial galaxy formation with JWST" (Astrophysics Talk)
  50. 24/11/2022, Stefania Salvadori (Università di Firenze), "First stars and their chemical fingerprints" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  51. 29/11/2022, Gayathri Gururajan (Unibo-DIFA), "Probing the gas reservoirs of high redshift, dusty star-forming galaxies using ALMA observations of atomic carbon" (Astrophysics Talk)
  52. 30/11/2022, Guillermo Martinez Somonte (Instituto de Física de Cantabria IFCA/CSIC, Santander, Spain), "Primordial Power Spectrum reconstructions from Large Scale Structure through a Bayesian inference method" (Astrophysics Talk)
  53. 01/12/2022, Flavia Dell'Agli (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma), "Dust specks around AGB stars and their feedback to the host environment" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  54. 06/12/2022, Emma Willett (University of Birmingham), "Asteroseismic inferences on the chemical enrichment of the Milky Way" (Astrophysics Talk)
  55. 13/12/2022, Salvatore Quai (Unibo-DIFA , INAF-OAS), "Interconnection between galaxy mergers, AGN activity and rapid quenching of star formation in simulated post-merger galaxies." (Astrophysics Talk)
  56. 15/12/2022, Mariafelicia de Laurentis / Rocco Lico (Università di Napoli Federico II / IAA-CSIC), "The Event Horizon Telescope journey from the Earth to the heart of the Milky Way" (Joint Astrophysical Colloquium)
  57. 21/12/2022, Monica Colpi (Università di Milano Bicocca), "The Low Frequency Gravitational Universe" (Christmas Lecture)