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Astrophysics Talk

Is the cosmic infrared background resolved?

Douglas Scott (University of British Columbia)

Tuesday 13/02/2024 @ 14:30, Sala Antonio Sollima (IV piano Battiferro)

We have combined all available ALMA data taken around 1mm in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, to provide the deepest image available in this waveband, which traces star-forming galaxies in the distant Universe. This region of the sky already had the deepest HST imaging, how joined by exquisite data from JWST. The galaxies detected at millimetre wavelengths are among those identified as having high stellar mass using JWST photometry - and almost all of them now have secure redshifts. By adding up the flux from the millimetre-detected galaxies and performing a stacking analysis on other JWST galaxies, we can estimate the total amount of light contributing to the extragalactic background at these wavelengths. Then we can try to determine whether known populations of galaxies explain the mm/IR background observed by COBE, or if there's still something missing.