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Seminari tenuti nel 2021

  1. 07/01/2021, Isabella Prandoni (INAF-IRA), "The LoTSS Deep Fields: first data release"
  2. 12/01/2021, Thomas Pasini (Hamburg University), "A first view at the core of A1668: offset cooling and AGN feedback"
  3. 19/01/2021, Jiao Kang (DIFA Università di Bologna), "Toward a direct measurement of the cosmic acceleration: roadmap and forecast on FAST"
  4. 26/01/2021, Federico Stasyszyn (Universidad de Cordoba), "Magnetic fields origins from Primordial Black Holes"
  5. 28/01/2021, Jacqueline Hodge (Leiden Observatory, Leiden), "A dust-unbiased view of high-redshift star formation"
  6. 02/02/2021, Angela Adamo (Stockholm University), "Star clusters as footprints of star formation and stellar feedback in galaxies"
  7. 09/02/2021, Chiara Stuardi (Unibo / IRA), "An update on magnetic field estimates in galaxy clusters: the case of Abell 2345"
  8. 16/02/2021, Elisa Prandini (Università di Padova), "Astrophysics and cosmology with extreme blazars"
  9. 23/02/2021, Ambra Di Piano (INAF OAS), "Real-time analysis detection methods for the Cherenkov Telescope Array"
  10. 25/02/2021, Kiyoshi Masui (MIT), "A Synoptic View of Fast Radio Bursts with CHIME"
  11. 02/03/2021, Raffaele Pascale (INAF - OAS Bologna), "Hydrodynamical N-body simulations of the dwarf galaxies NGC 5474 and DDO 68"
  12. 03/03/2021, Riccardo Smareglia (INAF-OATs), "Quale roadmap per le infrastrutture informatiche dell’INAF ?"
  13. 09/03/2021, Ezequiel Marchesini (INAF - OAS Bologna), "High-energy Blazars: The End"
  14. 11/03/2021, Roberto Casadio (Unversity of Bologna - DIFA), "Bootstrapped Newtonian gravity (from compact objects to cosmology)"
  15. 16/03/2021, Anna Feltre (INAF OAS Bologna), "High-z galaxies from MUSE deep field observations"
  16. 18/03/2021, Eric Jullo (LAM - Marseille), "Dark matter and dark energy with gravitational lensing"
  17. 23/03/2021, Matteo Angelinelli (DIFA - INAF OAS Bologna), "Exploring remote cluster outskirts and filaments"
  18. 25/03/2021, Carmela Lardo (University of Bologna), "The enigma of multiple populations in cluster stars"
  19. 30/03/2021, Luciano Nicastro (INAF - OAS Bologna), "Hoinga: discovery of the largest SNR in X-rays at high Galactic latitude"
  20. 01/04/2021, Nabila Aghanim (Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS, Institut d’astrophysique spatiale), "Unveiling the hot baryons of the cosmic web"
  21. 06/04/2021, Gabriele Matzeu (Unibo), "The evidence and characterization of ultra-fast outflows in bright local AGNs: the SUBWAYS sample"
  22. 08/04/2021, Marco Pizzocaro (INRIM), "Intercontinental comparison of optical clocks using very long baseline interferometry"
  23. 13/04/2021, Matteo Billi (Unibo), "New estimators for anisotropic birefringence from CMB observations"
  24. 20/04/2021, Bradford Snios (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory), "Exotic Quasars in the Early Universe"
  25. 22/04/2021, Anita Richards (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astronomy, University of Manchester), "Venus: looking for phosphine with ALMA"
  26. 27/04/2021, Nadia Biava (Unibo - INAF/OAS), "First study of a small sample of cool-core galaxy clusters at low frequency"
  27. 29/04/2021, Irene Shivaei (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona), "Distant Dusty Universe"
  28. 06/05/2021, Diederik Kruijssen (Heidelberg University), "Globular clusters revealing the formation and assembly history of the Milky Way"
  29. 11/05/2021, Serena Banfi (Unibo), "Linking radio observations to magnetic field topology in the cosmic web"
  30. 13/05/2021, Lorenzo Amati (INAF-OAS), "The Transient High-Energy Sky and Early universe Surveyor (THESEUS)"
  31. 18/05/2021, Manuela Molina (INAF - OAS Bologna), "High Energy Surveys: methods and data exploitation"
  32. 25/05/2021, Alessia Garofalo (INAF - OAS Bologna), "RR Lyrae stars in 2 nearby UFDs: Pisces II & Pegasus III"
  33. 01/06/2021, Riccardo Arcodia (MPE), "X-ray bursts from two previously quiescent galaxies: massive black holes awakening?"
  34. 08/06/2021, Marcus Brüggen (Hamburg University), "Highlights from eROSITA"
  35. 10/06/2021, Shiaolin Xiong (Key Laboratory of Particle Astrophysics, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), "GECAM status and preliminary results"
  36. 15/06/2021, Eleni Vardoulaki (Thüringer Landessternwarte, Germany), "The amazing radio nature of active galaxies at 3 GHz VLA-COSMOS"
  37. 17/06/2021, Tommaso Treu (University of California, Los Angeles), "What's the universe made of? A strong gravitational lensing perspective"
  38. 22/06/2021, Gianfranco Bertone (Univ. of Amsterdam), "Gravitational Wave Probes of dark matter"
  39. 24/06/2021, Simona Ghizzardi (INAF-IASF Milano), "Ironmarkers wanted: tracing the enrichment in the XCOP galaxy clusters outskirts."
  40. 14/09/2021, Andrea Comastri (INAF - OAS Bologna), "Coronal properties in Active Galactic Nuclei"
  41. 21/09/2021, Claudia Scarlata (University of Minnesota), "Pox 186: A Case of Complete Neutral Gas Blow-Away?"
  42. 23/09/2021, Raul Angulo (Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC)), "Numerical simulations for cosmology"
  43. 28/09/2021, Andrea Botteon (Leiden Observatory), "Diffuse radio emission from galaxy clusters in LoTSS-DR2"
  44. 28/09/2021, Andrea Botteon (Leiden Observatory), "Diffuse radio emission from galaxy clusters in LoTSS-DR2"
  45. 30/09/2021, Michael Janssen (Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn), "Zooming into the heart of Centaurus A with the Event Horizon Telescope"
  46. 07/10/2021, Daniel Gruen (LMU Munich), "Cosmological insights from three years of DES"
  47. 12/10/2021, Khyati Malhan (MPIA, Heidelberg.), "The LMS-1 stream: A fossil remnant of the early formation of the Milky Way"
  48. 14/10/2021, Kathryn Kreckel (University of Heidelberg), "Mapping the Ionized ISM in Nearby Galaxies"
  49. 18/10/2021, David Vallès-Pérez (Universitat de Valencia), "Untangling the complexity of cosmic flows (in galaxy clusters): accretion, mergers, shock waves and turbulence"
  50. 21/10/2021, Cecilia Bacchini (INAF-OAPD), "Star formation laws and gas turbulence in nearby galaxies"
  51. 25/10/2021, Andrea Rossi (INAF - OAS Bologna), "The hunt for Kilonovae"
  52. 28/10/2021, Else Starkenburg (Kapteyn Institute Groningen), "Probing the early Milky Way with the Pristine survey"
  53. 05/11/2021, Andrea Cimatti et al. (Università di Bologna), "Open Day II edizione del Master di II livello in “Space Mission Science, Design And Applications”"
  54. 09/11/2021, Filippo Maccagni (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute), "Feeding and Feedback in Fornax A: a multiwavelength kinematical analysis"
  55. 16/11/2021, Valeria Grisoni (UNIBO), "Galactic archaeology: from lithium to europium"
  56. 18/11/2021, Andrea Merloni (Max-Planck Institute fuer Extraterrestrische Physik (MPE)), "Of Bubbles, Filaments, Echoes and Eruptions: First Results from eROSITA on SRG"
  57. 23/11/2021, Carlo Giocoli (INAF - OAS Bologna), "Challenging small scales using future survey data and weak lensing"
  58. 25/11/2021, Nick Kern (MIT), "Exploring the High Redshift Frontier with Neutral Hydrogen: First Results from the Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA)"
  59. 30/11/2021, Marco Tailo (Unibo), "RGB mass loss: inferences from CMD-fitting and asteroseismology"
  60. 02/12/2021, Francesco Valentino (Cosmic Dawn Center ­ - Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen), "The properties of the interstellar medium of normal star-forming galaxies at high redshift: story of an ALMA survey"