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Special Talk

Good Practice in Science Talks

Roberto Decarli (INAF - OAS)

Wednesday 07/11/2018 @ 14:00, Sala IV piano Battiferro

Giving talks is undeniably a major part of any physicist / astronomer / astrophysicist's job. By giving talks, we disseminate our scientific discoveries in the astronomical community; we advertise our work or the work of the excellent students and post-docs in our groups; we compete for big grants; we update people in our team on recent progress on some tasks; we tempt the curiosity of the general public in outreach events. Yet, while we have classes to learn about galaxies and stars, and to acquire technical skills (e.g., familiarity with programming languages), we often lack even basic guidelines on how to give good talks. This affects our communication skills, and can potentially jeopardize the success of some project, or even a carrier. In this talk, I provide my own personal cookbook for good scientific talks. I will focus on the content, on the delivery, and on the supporting material. While the ultimate, perfect talk may never come, a number of simple but common mistakes can be easily avoided, and our communication might become more effective with just a few tricks.

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