Eventi passati


Seminari tenuti nel 2020

  1. 08/01/2020, Bruce Gendre (University of Western Australia), "Measuring the duration of a gamma-ray burst: mission impossible?"
  2. 09/01/2020, Roberta Zanin (Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory), "The Cherenkov Telescope Array: a new eye on the TeV sky"
  3. 13/01/2020, PhD Seminars, "PhD Seminars"
  4. 14/01/2020, PhD Seminars, "PhD Seminars"
  5. 16/01/2020, Hans Böhringer (LMU), "Cosmological and large-scale structure studies with X-ray galaxy clusters"
  6. 21/01/2020, Giulia Migliori (IRA), "Unveiling particle acceleration and radiative processes in low-power hotspots of radio galaxies"
  7. 23/01/2020, Lorenzo Posti (University of Strasbourg), "Where feedback fails: clues from the kinematics of disc galaxies"
  8. 28/01/2020, Marco Baldi (DIFA Univ. di Bologna), "Dynamic Zoom Simulations: a fast, adaptive algorithm for simulating lightcones"
  9. 30/01/2020, Barbara Balmaverde (INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino), "The MURALES project: a MUse RAdio Loud Emission lines Snapshot"
  10. 04/02/2020, Kamlesh Rajpurohit (DIFA Univ. di Bologna), "The Largest Particle Accelerators of the Universe"
  11. 13/02/2020, Giuliano Iorio (University of Cambridge), "Twinkling relics of the last major merger: Galactic archeology with Gaia RR Lyrae stars"
  12. 18/02/2020, José Ramón Bermejo-Climent (INAF OAS), "Measuring lensing ratios with upcoming and future cosmological surveys"
  13. 19/02/2020, Paolo Padovani (European Southern Observatory), "Neutrinos from a blazar jet and the birth of non-stellar neutrino astronomy"
  14. 20/02/2020, Stefano Gabici (Universite' Paris Diderot), "Low Energy Cosmic Rays"
  15. 03/03/2020, POSTPONED - Marzia Rivi (IRA), "Radio Weak Lensing: a new probe for Cosmology with SKA"
  16. 17/03/2020, Franco Vazza (University of Bologna), "Simulations and observations of the magnetised cosmic web"
  17. 24/03/2020, Marzia Rivi (INAF-IRA), "Radio Weak Lensing: a new probe for Cosmology with SKA"
  18. 26/03/2020, Francesco Salvestrini (DIFA Unibo), "Unveiling the AGN impact on the ISM in local Seyfert galaxies (PhD seminar)"
  19. 31/03/2020, Marcello Giroletti (INAF-IRA), "Imaging the ejecta in V407 Cyg after the 2010 nova episode"
  20. 07/04/2020, Giacomo Principe (INAF-IRA), "Energy dependent morphology of the pulsar wind nebula HESS J1825-137 in the GeV domain"